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Muskoka Smart Home Automation

By leveraging home automation systems we to enable you to control your - lighting , motorized window shades and blinds, heating and air conditioning, security systems and cameras, irrigation systems and water shut off valves . Get peace of mind by controlling your home be it whether you are at home or away. Think you forgot to close the blinds or lock the door when you left? No problem, check it with the simple touch of a button from a keypad or a smartphone or a tablet. Fix it with the touch of a button. We can automate pretty much anything that has an on or off switch.


Entertainment and Family Time

We help to bring family time back by creating custom home theatres and media rooms. We can add sound, audio and video to any room including family rooms and Muskoka rooms. Outdoor entertaining is so much more enjoyable with landscape illumination and directional sound so you can enjoy more time outdoors and not annoy the neighbor hours.


Make Your Home Smart and Efficient

Generate return on investment via energy savings: control your homes utilities to save energy. We can create timed events to control to your blinds, heating, air conditioning and irrigation to enable you to leverage solar power, reduce energy consumption and take advantage of lower time of day power rates.


If you’re up at the cottage, the last thing you need is for the system to not work. “You are only there for a small window of time, so your experience should be 100 per cent enjoyable,” says Dave. “My approach to automation is making it simple for you. Today, there is an app for everything. We can make it so that you can operate your thermostat from one, turn off your lights and lower the blinds with another, and use another to control your music,” says Dave. “Why not use these great apps to your advantage? All of this can be done on an iPad mini that’s mounted on the wall or removed and carried around. “The wall mount we provide is magnetic and charges the iPad when docked. That way it has a home where it can be easily found and charged between uses,” says Dave. The iPad can also be used in conjunction with wallmounted keypads as well as hand-held remotes to control the lights, blinds, HVAC, fireplace, water, home cinema, audio systems and TVs. “It can be customized however you’d like it,” says Dave. “In some homes, we set up a keypad next to the front door that has an ‘Home’ and an ‘Away’ button. When you leave the cottage, the ‘Away’ button ensures all the lights are shut off, all blinds are lowered, motorized windows are closed, the water is shut off and heat is turned down. It’s that simple.” Family focus “The goal is to create a better, more entertaining cottage experience for you to enjoy with your family,” Dave says.

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